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Brick...To Paint or Not To Paint.

Brick restoration experts general remind home owners that brick was used as a durable built-in color material for construction, not really to be painted. They further explain that the brick's natural materials will hold extra moisture when they are blocked by paint. Those brick structures that are in poor condition, chipping, breaking, or pealing, are not good candidates for a painting job.

A fresh coat of paint to your brick structure can certainly give it a crisp clean new look, furthermore, you will need to be aware that its maintenance will need to be kept up since that is not its natural state. Painting bricks can certainly create a big impact on your house's exterior look and even upgrade the value. Painting your exterior brick structure can provide protection from weather elements. The correct paint on your bricks can provide help with reducing fading, deterioration and even serve as a sealant. Painting your brick structure can also provide a smoother surface that can be easier to clean than the natural brick with a natural porous surface.

Even though, this can be enticing, it is important for you to consider all of the options prior to committing to painting your brick structure since it will be permanent and a reverse project will be very costly and almost impossible.

A brick's structure typically reserves some of its debris from being too visual. Once brick is painted, it will more easily show dirt and frequent water power-washing may be required.

Some TIPS that we gathered from our past projects and experiences:

-Use alkaline resistant primer.

-Clean the brick structure very well -- use water and a harsh brush.

-Do not paint on brick structures that are newer than 1 year old.

-Ensure there are no cracks, gaps, mold, moisture, or mortar joints.

-Use online visualizers to see your brick structure with the color you want.

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