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Martin Painting Services is in NJ

Martin Painting, based in Peapack, NJ, has proudly served Northern New Jersey and its surrounding areas for over 20 years. Recognized for our prompt and courteous service, Martin Painting specializes in delivering professional-quality interior and exterior painting solutions. Our services encompass staining and resealing decks, fences, sheds, and other outdoor structures, as well as driveway resealing.

We are dedicated to providing top-notch painting services that are trusted and valued by the residents of Peapack, NJ, and beyond. Unlike other contractors who may offer a wide array of services, Martin Painting focuses solely on interior and exterior house painting, ensuring expertise and excellence in these areas. Our commitment to professionalism is evidenced by the numerous satisfied customers who can provide references upon request.

At Martin Painting, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and superior service. Utilizing only the highest quality materials and conducting meticulous preparation work, we ensure long-lasting, quality results. We stand by our work and reputation and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to serve you.

In addition to our premier interior and exterior painting services, Martin Painting offers:

Exterior Painting: Martin Painting provides exterior painting services to Peapack, NJ customers who demand top-quality work at fair prices. With nearly two decades of experience serving northern and central New Jersey, Martin Painting's teams arrive on time, maintain a clean work site, and complete the job to perfection.

Interior Painting: Martin Painting understands that Peapack, NJ customers demand interior painting done right the first time. Our teams utilize the best materials and techniques to achieve stunning results. For almost 20 years, Martin Painting has consistently delivered quality results at fair prices in northern and central New Jersey.

Other Services: In addition to painting, Martin Painting offers various other services to Peapack, NJ customers, including staining and resealing decks, light carpentry, business and commercial painting, sealing and resealing driveways, and painting siding. When it comes to applying paint, stain, or protective coatings, Martin Painting is the name you can trust.

Contact us today at (973) 449-5774 or fill out the form below to request a no-obligation, FREE ESTIMATE.

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