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Removing Wallpaper

Many people choose wallpaper over painting and most older houses usually are sold with wallpaper from the 90s or earlier. When renovating your home, one of your wishes might be to remove these old wallpapers from your home. Here's what you need:

Materials and tools

  1. Water

  2. Fabric softer

  3. A spray bottle

  4. Putty knife

  5. Ladder

  6. Soap

  7. Rubber gloves

  8. Scoring tool

When starting the process of removal, be sure to place tape over the edges of your floor, ceiling, and electrical outlets; this will protect them. then investigate your wall, see if it has to be removed or if you can simply paint over the wall paper. If it does have to be removed, run the scoring tool along your wallpaper, leaving perforations. Next, proceed to soak the wallpaper with hot water mixed in with fabric softer using a spray bottle. then, use a putty knife and lift up the paper from the wall. Remove all residue, if there is a lot left, repeat the previous soaking process, expect using soap instead of fabric softer. Wait a few hours and then you are ready to prepare for painting.

We know how hard, gruesome, and time-consuming renovating your home on your own is; that is why we are here to help! Contact us at (973) 449-5774 for all your painting needs and a free estimate today!

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